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Your business or family’s need for clean running water is very important. Silva’s Water Works Inc recognizes this and endeavors to make your pump repair moment of need as trouble-free and cost-efficient as possible. We are a renowned supplier of a large selection of domestic water pumps, tanks, pressure controllers, and other accessories to cater for any “no water” emergency repair situation. We have a team of dedicated and experienced engineers ready to resolve any and all of your lack of water problems.

Silva’s Water Works Inc is a full-service water pump contractor providing groundwater supply services to residential, agricultural, municipal, and industrial clients throughout Orland. We offer a range of services that include the supply, installation, troubleshooting and repair of:

• Submersible Pumps—Pumps for residential, commercial, and irrigation use.
• Jet Pumps—We deal in centrifugal pumps and deep and shallow well jet pumps.
• Pressure Tanks—This includes installation, repair, and replacement of worn parts.
• Pump Conversions—Conversion of jet pumps to submersible pumps.
• New Pump Installations—New pump installation, featuring Goulds pumps.

What makes us the best company for domestic well pump repair in Orland, CA, is our commitment to providing prompt and efficient services to all our clients. Our engineers and technicians keep abreast of the latest water service and equipment technology and innovations to ensure that they offer top-of-the-range services and equipment. Besides domestic well pump services, we also offer down hole inspections, pump panel checks, well relocation and redevelopment services and pump relocating services. Are you convinced we are the right contractor for your project?

Get in touch with Silva’s Water Works Inc today and an expert repair technician will come down to your site and provide free diagnosis and repair estimates to help you complete your water supply project.

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